Tuesday, 07 February 2012 11:55

Software that "Talks" to your existing data

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Buying an off the shelf software package to automate your sales, marketing and customer service can be a daunting task.  There are so many packages out there, which will suit your business and you the best?  At profitsflow.com, we believe that the information needed to run an effective sales and marketing solution already exists, for the most part, in your business. And for a lot of companies, much of this is already on a system already.  That's why we are introducing our "Profits Bridge" platform to the market.

Profits Bridge for ERP/MIS
Some of our larger Manufacturing and Distribution clients are already benefitting from profitsflow.com's Profits Bridge technology.  This basically plugs into your existing ERP and exchanges data with it to prevent the need for duplication.  Sales Reps on the road can load it up to see what stock you currently have.  Opportunities, sales orders, invoices, account information can be downloaded to produce sales pipelines, project plans, marketing campaigns, all from data that's been input into one system once only.  No need to rekey means elimination of duplication, and centralised reporting for all of your accounts, sales, marketing, customer service functions.

Profits Bridge for SME Accounts
The good news is that Profits Bridge for Profitsflow.com is now available for smaller businesses not yet using enterprise software systems.  We pull data from your accounts solution directly into profitsflow.  You can be up and running with our software in no time at all - accounts, contact details are automatically loaded for you.  Get our technology doing the hard work for you - e-marketing campaigns, SMS marketing, automated customer service and sales pipeline tracking without having to get the information out of diaries and heads.

Profits Bridge for custom applications
So you don't have an ERP, and you only use accounts software for boring old accounts.  You've built your own database for tracking all of the business critical information.  This could be in SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Ms Access, even Excel.  Whereever it is, we can connect to it and download the data.  We might even help you to get away from a myriad of spreadsheets by repalcing these with a structured, process driven sales and marketing tool which will replicate this information at a fraction of the workload.